TEAM // 3 Members                PLATFORM // iOS


Long before Periscope, Instagram Stories and even before Snapchat, me and a couple of co-workers designed and launched an ephemeral video sharing platform on iOS. The concept was to see an anonymous, user-curated feed of trending cities around the world. Upvoted videos would be set into different tiers and shared until it hit the “Wildfyre” status and went viral. The three co-founders each took a different role in building the application. While only in beta phase, we saw 20k daily active users across North America, Nordic and Latin America. This project was eventually discontinued after a year.

  • There was no way of recording/seeing current and trending videos by city.
  • At the time, ephemeral video recording only focused on one-to-one messaging.
  • Real-time and curated news was only available in text (Twitter)
  • Create a platform to allow users to record and discover new and popular videos around them.
  • Share anonymous videos with people outside of your current circles.
  • Be the go to source to watch user created news

This was a side-project that I developed from beginning to end. On a team with the 2 other co-founders, we each had our own skills and objectives. I was tasked with designing the product and creating the marketing for it. I designed the logo, branding and product’s user interface.

Research Analysis

The research that was conducted for this was all based on looking at competitors and getting the feedback from our alpha/beta testers. I did a lot of exploration on the design inspiration for the product layout and the branding. We knew what we wanted to accomplish with this product and could see what other mobile app companies were doing successfully and what could be improved on. Since this mobile app was a side project, we never had a budget to do real testing or research.


Screenshots of only some of inspiration that was saved as reference tools.

Design Strategy

Since this project was built from just an idea, there were many stages that it had gone through. Below are just a few from the branding and product design to show the evolution.

We knew that our key demographic was younger males and females who were familiar with ephemeral sharing, but wanted to use it in a more professional sense. The goal was to have a clean layout using gradients and a warmer color palette (burnt orange and gray tones). Other apps in this space often used bright colors or illustrated ghosts, but that seemed to send the wrong message with what we wanted to accomplish.


Screenshots showing the multiple variations before the final version.


Screenshots showing the multiple stages the product went through.


A few notable decisions that made the design unique.

Final Outcome