PLATFORM // Website                YEAR // 2018


SoundCloud, the online music streaming service, hasn’t seen very many changes to its user interface since it was created in 2007. And while other music platforms have grown tremendously, SoundCloud is struggling to stay competitive. As an exercise, I thought that it would be fun to reimagine how a thoughtful user experience and bold new interface could help turn them around. A refreshed product that focuses on the features that make them unique and a look that keeps up with the current trends.

  • Current layout hides key features; song queue, playlists, likes, reposts, etc.
  • No clear distinction between your music and others
  • Lack of filtering/sorting for songs
  • Always display playlists, song queue, likes, reposts, etc. at all times
  • Sort your music vs finding new music within the nav. Terminology is key
  • Find a new way of displaying songs within a playlist

Since this project was an exercise, everything was created by me. The point of this project was to deconstruct what currently exists and rearrange the site to what made sense to a music enthusiast. From a research perspective, I just used my own experience. I have always been a big fan of SoundCloud and used it for years. But over the last year, I noticed that I have gravitated towards other music platforms. I created a list of frustrations and what drove me away, I noted features that I would like to see to be more prominent, and used trending UI techniques to add more style to the site.

Design Strategy


These are the original sketches and wireframes. Eventually it evolved into the final product at the bottom.


These are just a couple versions showing the different stages this site went through during high fidelity mockups.


Final Outcome