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Website Design Award – 2017

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Website Design Award – 2017


PrescribeWellness is a SaaS company providing a platform for independent community pharmacies to compete in a digital age. The website’s homepage is B2C focused to show the benefits of using a local store versus a big box store. It also allows patients to search for their local pharmacy and see what services are offered at each location. The company had recently revamped the branding and website through a design agency, but noticed a significant drop in retention from the previous site. Our team was tasked to redesign the homepage to give users a smoother, cleaner and clearer experience to help reduce bounce rates.


Based off of Google Analytics and in-house testing we noticed:

  • Scrolling through the site and navigation was slowed down by animations linked to sections.
  • The messaging was lost from the amount of movement and colors in the background.
  • Bounce rates increased significantly and users were not using the search function like before.

While staying within the newly created brand guidelines, we wanted to:

  • Redesign the homepage to be a more functional and informative site.
  • Deliver the benefits of shopping at local community pharmacy.
  • Create a site with smoother navigation from beginning to end.

Although the site was beautiful, the lack of usability caused frustration with users. My role was to conduct testing based off of personas and pinpoint the exact problems. I was to then redesign the homepage using the information gained from these tests.

Research Analysis


Personas were created from information given to us by the pharmacies in our network. Organized by our Client Support team, these demographics were used to build primary, secondary and negative personas.


I want to find a pharmacist who knows me better than I know myself!

Persona #1: Rose McLaughlin
55 years old
Married, 2 kids
Montgomery, Alabama
Store Clerk

Primary Persona: Patient on multiple maintenance medications  

About & Goals:

  • Since she will visit monthly, Rose wants to find a friendly neighborhood pharmacist that she can feel comfortable around.
  • Wants to find a pharmacy that can sync all of her medications to once a month pickups.
  • Likes to know other benefits like vaccination and health advice is available.
  • Uses the internet frequently to find reviews and rating about new stores/restaurants.

Support your hometown businesses!

Persona #2: Anthony “Tony” Costa
44 years old
Single, no kids
Monterey, California
Construction Worker

Secondary Persona: Likes to support small businesses 

About & Goals:

  • Looks for services on the fly. Familiar with the internet.
  • Values a good recommendation. Would pay more to know he’s getting better service and experience.
  • Likes to simplify where possible. Likes knowing that he can handle simple checkups with his pharmacist and get prescriptions on the same visit.
  • Owns a small business himself, only shops at “ma-and-pa” shops.

Looking for whatever is the quickest and cheapest

Persona #3: David Gunderson
23 years old
Single, no kids
New York, New York

Negative Persona: Rarely goes to get prescriptions filled.


  • Young and healthy college graduate, David doesn’t spend much time worrying about his health.
  • Since he rarely needs to get a prescription filled, it doesn’t matter who does it or how the service is.
  • Uses technology for on the fly. Doesn’t spend too much time researching.


A 20-minute test was performed on 4 participants using These participants fell within the demographics of the primary and secondary personas. They were asked to perform a series of tasks based on the questions below for qualitative testing.



  1. Can a user easily describe who PrescribeWellness is/does?
  2. Does a user understand the purpose of this website from the homepage?
  3. Do they understand all of the benefits of using a local pharmacy vs a big box store?


  1. Can a user easily search for a local pharmacy near them?
  2. Using the filter option, can they find only stores that offer Flu vaccines?
  3. Can they book an appointment and find reviews?
  • Mix of male and female; Ages 26-60;
  • Mixed experience of internet usage; Novice to advanced
  • Must visit a pharmacy regularly; At least once every 3-6 months
Participant Demographics Device Used Pharmacy Regular
P1 52, female, VA, uses big chain pharmacy Desktop Yes
P2 48, male, MA, uses big chain pharmacy Desktop Yes
P3 60, male, OR, uses big chain pharmacy Desktop Yes
P4 45, female, TX, uses big chain pharmacy Tablet Yes
  • The options to scroll is unclear. Should be more obvious. Some even tried clicking the “Learn More” at the bottom.
  • Text is too small/too light for older demographics.
  • Users complained the floating top navigation is annoying and interferring. Blocks the information behind it. Cant click on links that fall behind invisible bar.
  • Scrolling gets stuck on due to animations playing out. Caused frustration for every user.
  • Emphasis was on the characters and animations, not the benefits of using PrescribeWellness. They liked the animations but not while trying to navigate or read because it took away from what was supposed to be highlighted.

Scrolling works very strangely. There should be something more traditional. It is jumpy and gets “stuck”.

The animations in the background is too busy  for me… There is so much happening, I can’t concentrate on reading what this site is even about!

Top navigation bar can be distracting. Especially when you get down into the page. The logo gets lost.

I understand that you can search for a pharmacy, but what is the difference between this and doing a Google search? This site is okay.

Design Strategy

After taking all of the feedback received from the usability testing, I was able to sit down and translate it into new designs. I made sure to incorporate the feedback into the sketches, wireframes and final comps. The main objectives of the homepage were to quickly explain who PrescribeWellness is/what we offer, explain what the benefits of a local pharmacy has and of course search for a pharmacy using our platform. During this process, we had weekly standups with an outsourced development team to work on the staging site before pushing it out to the public.


I first created paper sketches of the homepage. I focused on creating a modular design. This allowed my team to swap and move layers to different parts of the page to do future A/B testing.


Multiple high fidelity comps were created based on the sketches and wireframes. Working with the stake holders, we were to decide on what content we wanted to be highlighted and in what order to make the best experience for the users.

pw v1
pw v2
pw v2.2
pw v3
pw v4
pw v5

The most important feature of the website is to search for a pharmacy, so we kept the search bar big on above the fold. But we also added it to the navigation bar to remain visible at all times and at the bottom of the site to remind users of the call-to-action. Other key features have been noted on the screenshots.


Final Outcome