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Össur is a medical device manufacturer that specializes in making custom knee braces. Before the launch of a new knee brace, our team decided that we wanted a user-friendly microsite that targeted the patients rather than doctors. We wanted a place for potential customers to learn more about the custom knee brace and provide instructions on how they could purchase a new brace.


Össur was making a push into a new space; marketing directly to the consumer. This site needed to overcome a few obstacles:

  • Customers directed to the site needed to know why this brace would be right for them.
  • Brace looks the same as any other brace one the market.
  • Not much research was backing the brace.
  • Complicated ordering process. No direct store.

Faced with difficult challenges, these are the goals that were set up:

  • Explain key features that set the brace apart from the competition.
  • Provide testimonial from a relatable user.
  • Explain the ordering process in an easy-to-understand format.

Working with the product manager, I was tasked to design the UX/UI of this microsite and accomplish the goals we set up. The PM provided the content and messaging that I needed to transform into an aesthetically pleasing site.

Design Strategy

Although the general layout of this microsite was simple, the UX behind it proved to be challenging. Appealing to a new audience had to be taken into account and everything was designed with the customer in mind to provide the best experience. I created icons to go along with the product benefits, interactive elements to engage the users, and a simple 1-2-3 breakdown on how to order.


The final decisions are redlined in the screenshots to the right.

Final Outcome